Financial Wellness For The Workplace

“Nearly one-third of all employees are distracted by personal financial issues while at work, with almost half of them spending three hours or more each week handling personal finances at work.” Employee Financial Wellness Survey, PwC, 2017

“71% of employees say their top source of stress is related to financial decisions.” SHRM-Financial Wellness in the Workplace, 2016

“Nearly one half (49 percent) of employers offered some type of financial advice, which included providing resource materials or referrals, online assessment and advice tools, and group instruction and one-on-one advice with a financial counselor.” The Society for Human Resource Management’s (SHRM’s) 2017 Employee Benefits survey report

  • Personalized Guidance

CoSource Financial Group offers confidential, one-on-one personal education and guidance to develop retirement goals, savings plans, debt reduction and many other financial topics that are important to your employees.

  • Online Financial Education

Our partnership with, a leading online education provider, provides education modules on a variety of topics such as credit, budgeting, saving for retirement and multiple other topics. Employees will also have access to financial calculators, videos, webinars, articles and more.

  • Lunch and Learn

An interactive session where we collaborate with leading experts to speak on relevant financial topics. This is an ideal option for small to mid-sized employers with a majority of their employees working on-site.

  • Quarterly Financial Newsletter

Sharing information is one of the things we do best. Our Quarterly Newsletters provide a wide variety of information that is timely, relevant and engaging.


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