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Why Choose CoSource

The size and scope of CoSource’s current practice and our proven history of providing expertise in servicing retirement plan clients, in this rapidly changing regulatory environment, make us the premier partner for qualified plans. Our infrastructure, tools, resources and experience are integral to our continued growth in the regional and national retirement plan market place.

  • Professional Focus
  • Product Independence
  • Customer Driven
  • Comprehensive Solutions

Qualified Plan Services

CoSource is a pioneer in retirement plan industry. Their reputation in servicing ERISA plans is unprecedented.

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Fiduciary Services

CoSource's disciplined documentation process begins with the onset of every engagement. We work extensively with plan sponsors to help them meet their fiduciary obligations.

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Independent Non-proprietary 401k Recordkeeping Platforms

Our expertise is used to define your plan’s goals and match the services required to our suite of providers and choose a platform that meets your needs, without prejudice, usingprocess. We provide independent fee-based, insurance-based or...

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